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Germany may impose a strict quarantine from December 16

The office of the German Chancellor intends to offer the heads of regions to tighten quarantine in the country from Wednesday, December 16, and not after Christmas, as previously planned. This was reported on December 11 by the newspaper Bild, citing its own sources.

It is assumed that schools, kindergartens, and retail outlets may close throughout the country, with the exception of food and hardware stores.

According to the publication, Chancellor Angela Merkel plans to discuss these measures with the Prime Ministers of the Federal States on Sunday, December 13. It is possible that as early as Monday, a number of regions will begin to introduce restrictions, trying to avoid an influx of buyers before Christmas.

In addition, the German authorities are considering extending the quarantine measures announced until January 10, sources told the newspaper.

On December 9, during her speech in the Bundestag, Merkel hinted at tightening quarantine measures in Germany, stressing that despite the current restrictions, the incidence in the country remains high.

From November 2 to January 10, Germany has a quarantine regime. Bars, restaurants, and other gastronomic establishments are closed, and only takeaway food and drinks are allowed. Fitness clubs, tattoo parlors, swimming pools, beauty and massage studios, theaters, cinemas, and concert halls have stopped working.

At the same time, kindergartens, schools, a number of shops and hairdressers continue to operate in the country. Hotels can only accept guests if they have no place to spend the night.

In Germany, according to the Robert Koch Institute, more than 1.27 million cases of coronavirus have been detected since the beginning of the pandemic. The total number of deaths exceeds 20.9 thousand.

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