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In the USA, a man robbed a bank and scattered money on the street

A robber threw money into the air with the words “Merry Christmas!” Then he went to the coffee house, where he waited for the police.

In the American city of Colorado Springs, a man robbed a bank, then ran out into the street and scattered money with the words “Merry Christmas!” On Tuesday, December 24, reported the publication The Hill.

It is noted that the incident happened on the evening of December 23. An eyewitness said that after the wishes of a merry Christmas, the robber, whom the police identified as 65-year-old David Oliver, went to the nearest coffee shop, where he began to wait for law enforcement officers.

As indicated by the police, the man showed no resistance during the arrest, there were no weapons with him.

According to witnesses of the situation, passers-by collected scattered money and returned it to the bank.

The size of the stolen amount is unknown. At the same time, police sergeant Jim Jeffocat reported the loss of “thousands of dollars.”

Earlier it was reported that the American Sandy Hawkins robbed the bank for 1.1 thousand dollars and handed the cashier a note in which he expressed hope that he would be caught.

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