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Canada introduces voluntary-mandatory COVID passports

In the Canadian province of Ontario, they are going to introduce COVID passports for those citizens who have received a vaccine against coronavirus infection — they will have advantages over those who refuse to be vaccinated.

This, as reported by Global News, said the provincial health minister Christine Elliot.

According to her, such a document may be needed for people to travel, work, visit theaters, cinemas, and all “other places where people are in closer physical contact.”

It will be important for people, “the official stressed.

At the same time, she claims that this government initiative will not be binding on the population. Obtaining such a document after immunization is voluntary.

“Some restrictions may be imposed on people who are not vaccinated, but this will depend on the individual — whether he wants to get the vaccine to be able to do these things or not. But this is voluntary,” said Christine Elliot.

Recall that on the eve of Canada approved the coronavirus vaccine of the American company Pfizer, allowing it to be used for mass immunization of the population.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau argued that all citizens of the country will receive the vaccine free of charge.

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