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Trump goes to the US Supreme Court

Donald Trump continues to insist on a review of the election results and says the Supreme Court will support his position.

While the whole world is looking forward to the presidency of Joe Biden, and he himself selects people for his team, Donald Trump does not give up hopes of canceling the election results.

The final battle to reconsider the voting results may take place in the US Supreme Court. Republicans in 17 states of the United States have supported a lawsuit filed in the Supreme Court demanding the overturn of voting results in four states of the country.

The lawsuit was filed by the Attorney General of Texas, he demands to annul the results of the voting in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. President Trump has asked Senator Ted Cruz to represent him in the Supreme Court. The head of the White House himself also intends to appear in court, proving that he still won the election.

Republican protest

The main initiator of the lawsuit is Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who is now a defendant in a criminal case on corruption charges.

The lawsuit claims that ballots sent on election day, November 3, and recounted after the closure of polling stations, cannot be considered official and should be declared invalid.

So far, the lawsuit has been supported by 18 of the 25 Republican attorneys general in the United States. In particular, these are attorneys general of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, and West Virginia.

According to the lawsuit, the Supreme Court must overturn the results of the voting in four states, and postpone the predetermined voting dates for the electors — according to the laws, they must confirm the results of the presidential election on December 14.

What the Supreme Court Decides

The US Supreme Court has already announced that its response to the lawsuit is due from four states on Thursday.

According to experts, the country's highest court is unlikely to schedule a hearing on the claim.

“This is a press release disguised as a lawsuit,” lawyer Richard Hasen told NPR radio. “It's just rubbish. Very dangerous, but just rubbish.”

The Governor of Texas, Republican Greg Abbott, on the eve of the election, signed an order that all ballots mailed before the end of the voting day must be counted. The same decision was made by the authorities in Kansas and Mississippi. The attorneys general of these states supported the appeal to the Supreme Court.

So far, almost without exception, the lawsuits filed by the Trump team have been rejected by the courts. In total, after the end of election day, the lawyers of the incumbent US president filed 52 applications in the courts of various states. In 51 cases, the president was denied, and the courts found no evidence of voting fraud.

But Trump doesn't stop it

However, a professor at New York University Igor Aisenberg is sure that the Supreme Court will either refuse to consider the suit of the Texas Attorney General or agree to consider and reject it.

“It is absolutely unprecedented when one state tries to interfere in elections in other states through the courts and even asking the court to annul their results. Yes, the Supreme Court has six out of nine conservative justices. Yes, three of them were appointed there by Trump. But not a single judge, let alone a judge of the Supreme Court, will ever make a decision directly contrary to the law. It's impossible, ”notes Eisenberg.

In his opinion, it is very likely that Texas Attorney General Paxton, who is himself under investigation by the FBI on suspicion of many corruption acts, with such a lawsuit seeks only to earn a pardon from Trump so that the investigation of his corruption will stop.

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