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Number of Americans ready to be vaccinated against coronavirus named

Only 47 percent of Americans are ready to be vaccinated against the coronavirus when vaccines against the disease are certified in the country. This was reported by the Associated Press with reference to the results of a joint study with the Center for the Study of Public Opinion at the University of Chicago.

According to the survey, 26 percent of US residents are not at all ready to use the vaccine, another 27 percent of Americans have not yet made a final decision. At the same time, only 28 percent of those surveyed said that they were completely confident in the effectiveness and safety of the coronavirus vaccine.

It is noted that only 20 percent of respondents expressed confidence that drugs will be distributed fairly in the United States. At the same time, 39 percent of Americans do not think so.

Earlier, six participants in the trials of the American-German vaccine Pfizer, which the United States produces with the help of the German company BioNTech, have died. Two of the dead were injected with the real drug, the rest with a placebo. All those who died had health problems and chronic diseases.

In the United States, a vaccine against COVID-19 produced by Pfizer / BioNTech is currently registered, and another vaccine, Moderna, is next.

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