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Trump responded to the “Christmas gift” from the DPRK

Trump gave a comment in Florida, where he went on a Christmas vacation

The head of the White House is confident that the United States will cope with any “Christmas present” from the DPRK. It will probably be a vase, Trump joked.

US President Donald Trump replied how America would react to the DPRK’s “Christmas present”, previously announced by Republic Deputy Foreign Minister Ri Tae Son.

The head of the White House claims that the United States will find out what the “Christmas present” on the part of the DPRK may be and will successfully cope with it.

Trump announced this at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, where he arrived for the Christmas holidays.

“This is normal, we will find out what the surprise is, and we will very successfully deal with it ... Maybe this is a good gift ... Maybe he will send me a beautiful vase,” the US president said.

Recall, according to journalists, the “Christmas present” from the DPRK is that North Korea is preparing to tighten its policy towards the United States.

Recently, DPRK Deputy Foreign Minister Ri Tae Song, who oversees relations with the United States, said Pyongyang no longer believes in American rhetoric regarding the desire to continue the bilateral dialogue.

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