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US authorities have expanded sanctions on the “ Magnitsky act”

The United States added three more individuals and three organizations to the list of sanctions under the Magnitsky act. The list includes the ex-leader of the Hong Kong triad, a former high-ranking customs officer in Kyrgyzstan, and a politician from Liberia.

The US authorities on Wednesday, December 9, expanded sanctions under the Global Magnitsky act. The document, in particular, was made by three individuals and three legal entities from different countries. This is reported on the website of the US Treasury.

For example, under the sanctions were the former Deputy of the State customs service of Kyrgyzstan Raimbek Matraimov. He was detained in October 2020 by the State Committee for the national security of Kyrgyzstan as part of an investigation into corruption in customs structures. Matraimov agreed to cooperate with the investigation and pay damages to the state in the amount of about $24.7 million.

Local journalists found out that Matraimov is directly related to the withdrawal of $700 million from the country. A pre-trial investigation was launched on this fact.

Also, on the US sanctions list was the former leader of a major Hong Kong triad, 14K Wang Kuok-koi, nicknamed Broken tooth. He was convicted on several counts in 1999 and released 13 years later. In 2017, he started a cryptocurrency business.

In addition to them, Liberian politician Harry Varney Gboto-Nambi Sherman was sanctioned.

The Magnitsky global human rights act was adopted in 2016. This is a US law that provides for the possibility of imposing sanctions against citizens of any foreign country who, according to Washington, are seen in corruption and human rights violations.

Recall that the EU approved sanctions for human rights violations. The new sanctions regime will come into force on December 10. He will not copy the Magnitsky act.

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