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The US has created an unmanned electric tractor

The US has created an unmanned electric tractor

The tractor can be operated without a driver and can be used as an all-terrain vehicle, an electric generator, and a field and crop analyzer.

Monarch Tractor has unveiled the world's first all-electric tractor with Smart technology in California. This is reported by the press service of the company Monarch Tractor.

The electric tractor can be used without a driver, analyze crop data, and work with the control via a smartphone. The power of the tractor is 40 HP (30 kW), and short-term peak power can reach 70 HP (55 kW).

The tractor can be used as an all-terrain vehicle, and in the field, it can be used as an electric generator.

Tractor owners can receive notifications about the work done and current weather conditions via their smartphone.

Monarch Tractor collects and analyzes data about the state of the field and provides information about the state of the field, gives yield estimates, current stages of growth, and plant health.

The tractor has a starting price of $50 thousand. The sale of equipment will begin in the fall of 2021.

Earlier it was reported that in the United States, the startup Aptera introduced an electric car that can travel about 1,600 km without recharging.

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