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China is ready to create a universal quantum computer in 15-20 years

A group of Chinese scientists led by physicists Jian-Wei Pan and Chaoyang Lu took 15-20 years to create a universal quantum computer, the Global Times reported on December 8.

“We expect to build a universal quantum computer in 15-20 years to solve widely used tasks such as cryptanalysis, weather forecasting, and drug development,” explained Jian — Wei pan.

At the same time, Professor Chaoyang Lu noted that it is not yet clear when quantum computers will become part of people's daily lives.

“We are still at the foot of the mountain,” the scientist said.

In early December, a team of Chinese scientists led by Jian-Wei pan and Chaoyang Lu demonstrated a prototype of a quantum computer called Jiuzhang.

The novelty is interesting because, according to scientists, it performs calculations using the Gaussian boson modeling algorithm (GBS) 100 trillion times faster than the fastest existing supercomputer in the world and 10 billion times faster than the 53-qubit quantum computer created by Google.

Note that the difference between a universal quantum computer is that it can work with any arbitrary algorithm.

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