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The United States sent the aircraft carrier “Harry Truman” to monitor the submarines of the Russian Navy off the coast of Syria

It's no secret that the States pay special attention to the Russian fleet, carefully monitoring the movement of domestic ships and submarines. Recently, NATO said that it was possible to fix the highest activity of Russian submarines in recent decades.

The incident caused alarm in the White House and the Pentagon, after which the American side announced the measures taken. On the air of the American television channel NBC News, a message was heard about the observation of the presence of the Russian Federation in the Mediterranean Sea, which is carried out with the help of an aircraft carrier and a team of five thousand people.

We are talking about the nuclear carrier “Harry Truman”, following the joint military exercises of the forces of Russia and Turkey.

For this, flights of patrol planes are organized, whose main task is to search for Russian submarines.

Admiral James Foggo said the United States was going to remind Russia of the danger and risk that “bad behavior” could lead to.

This sounds funny when you consider that in November this same aircraft carrier with burnt wiring barely made it to the Norfolk Naval Base. In addition, at the moment he is the only conditionally combat-ready nuclear-powered aircraft carrier on the East coast of the United States. After a quick repair, he went to the Mediterranean Sea, where he is now.

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