Giuliani contacted Manafort: the reason for the meetings is known

U.S. lawyer communicates with Manafort through the federal lawyer

Photo: REUTERS / Erin Scott

The President’s personal lawyer, Rudolf Giuliani, has contacted several times in recent months with Paul Manafort, the ex-head of the presidential campaign, Donald Trump, through a lawyer in federal prison. It is reported by The Washington Post.

“Giuliani contacted Manafort for information about Giuliani's theory that Ukraine supported Hillary Clinton in her unsuccessful 2016 presidential race against President Trump,” the publication said.

According to Giuliani, Ukraine intervened in the 2016 presidential election with the help of a temporary member of the Democratic Party. In addition, in his theory, Trump's lawyer said that the materials about Manafort were fake and published to help launch an investigation against him in the United States.

Earlier, the intelligence committee of the House of Representatives of the Congress demanded that the lawyer of the head of the White House provide by October 15 all the documents about the conversation between Trump and Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky. Giuliani stated that this committee does not have sufficient authority to force him to violate the lawyer's secret. Sale specified that Giuliani will continue to work as the personal lawyer of the head of state during the proceedings in Congress.

In addition, we wrote: lawyer Rudolf Giuliani instructed two immigrants from the USSR to assist him with regard to the investigation in Ukraine of the son of former US Vice President Joe Biden.

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