Tesla's capitalization exceeded $600 billion

Electric vehicle maker Tesla has seen impressive gains in stock this year. Over the past two weeks, its capitalization has increased by almost $100 billion and exceeded the level of $600 billion.

Recently, the growth driver of the company's shares was the announcement of the imminent inclusion of Tesla in the S&P 500. At the auction on Monday, the company's shares rose in price by more than 7% to $641 76 cents. This led to an increase in its capitalization to $608.3 billion. Moreover, just two weeks ago it was $500 billion.

Tesla shares continued to rise in value in preliminary trading on Tuesday. They went up by about 3.5%. The current year has been very successful for the company. Its securities were in demand by investors. Tesla's share price skyrocketed sevenfold.

For comparison: at the end of last year, the company's shares were worth only $83 67 cents. And already in July of this year, Tesla took the leading position among the largest automakers in terms of market capitalization.

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