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COVID — riot in Slovakia: bars and restaurants will open despite bans

Owners of dozens of restaurants and cafes across Slovakia announced that they will open to visitors on Tuesday, December 8. They were joined by the owners of fitness centers. Dissatisfied restaurateurs refer to the situation in the neighboring Czech Republic, where restaurants could already open.

This is reported by the publication Novinky. CZ.

The Slovak initiative came from the second most populous city in the East of the country — Kosice, where 40 restaurants and cafes want to open. The owners say they have run out of patience and are deliberately taking risks.

“The situation is unbearable, we cannot cope with the second wave, we do not need to hire employees, but have to fire them,” the initiative participants said in a statement.

“We want to operate normally, like shops and supermarkets,” said Miroslav Heredos, a representative of the initiative.

Owners of fitness centers also joined the initiative.

“A huge number of our members will open tomorrow,” said Pavel Kisel, head of the fitness centers Union. “These people have no other choice. In this case, fear is secondary.”

The activists provided their members with precise instructions in case of inspection and say that the authorities have the right to impose a fine, but cannot close sports clubs or initiate criminal proceedings.

Owners of restaurants, cafes, and fitness centers rely on legal analysis, according to which, the state of emergency was illegally extended, and therefore intend to challenge any fines imposed.

Operators of restaurants and cafes stressed that they will comply with all hygiene rules, including the distance between tables. According to the current rules, restaurants and cafes can only work on the terraces and sell takeaway food.

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People should stop these idiotic locks. Slovakia - keep going! Freedom!

All governments, with very few exceptions, follow the same idiotic script, that is unreasonable, unscientific and purely stupid.don't they see what they do? I bet they do but ignore voice of reason for a reason.

Stick to your guns people, they seem not to understand any subtle language.

Bravo Slovakia! I hope in Poland restaurants will do the same!

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