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Trump will ban the supply of COVID-19 vaccine to other countries until all Americans are vaccinated

Trump will sign a decree on the coronavirus vaccine, in which Americans will be prioritized over other countries

President of the United States Donald Trump intends to sign a decree on Tuesday, December 8, according to which deliveries of the vaccine around the world will begin only after the majority of Americans are vaccinated.

This was reported by sources in the White House, reports Fox News.

“The first priority is to ensure that these vaccines are distributed to Americans before we start delivering them around the world,” one official said.

He added that deliveries of the vaccine abroad will most likely begin only “in late spring, early summer” — after everyone in the United States is vaccinated.

According to the official, the order “ clearly directs us to prioritize access to the vaccine of the American people before working to provide it to partners and allies.”

In addition, a source in the White House told the publication that the Pfizer-Biotech vaccine in the United States can be approved as early as Friday, December 11. And on December 17, the FDA plans to discuss the Moderna vaccine.

“We will provide the American people with highly effective COVID-19 vaccines very soon,” another us official promised.

Under trump's new Executive order, the Department of health must determine the vaccination priority of distributing the vaccine to Americans at a rate “never seen before.”

Another senior source told the publication that for financially disadvantaged countries, the US will attract resources to help them buy the vaccine.

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