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Today's selection of interesting facts about the rules of survival. Learn how to escape from a crocodile, scorpion and shark embryo.

1. Can sharks feel insecure even before they are born? The scientist Stuart Springer was convinced of this on his own experience. He was bitten by an embryo when he examined the insides of a pregnant shark.

2. In order to crack a nut, just put it in hot water for 48 hours.

3. When an eagle drops a feather from one wing, does it immediately lose the same feather from another? Thus, the bird manages to maintain balance and aerodynamic properties.

4. More than 70% of the world's population has never heard a phone ring. In Africa, only one in 40 people have a telephone.

5. Even a small drop of alcohol placed on a scorpion drives him crazy. At such a moment, he is able to sting himself.

6. All modern jet aircraft are able to overcome the speed of sound, which is equal to 340.29 m / s.

7. For 5 years, a woman uses such an amount of lipstick from which one could make a tube the length of her height.

8. The slabs of the Cheops pyramid are so close to each other that it is impossible to stick a blade between them. It is assumed that its construction lasted about 20 years and ended around 2540 BC. e. Initially, the height of the pyramid was 146.6 m, but today it has decreased to 138.75 m.

9. To free yourself from the jaws of a crocodile, you need to put thumbs on his eyeballs. Although these animals are not as dangerous as is commonly believed: out of 23 species of crocodiles, only 8 are prone to unprovoked attacks on humans.

10. The rubber armrest of the escalator in the subway moves faster than the steps themselves. This can be annoying, but you probably won’t fall asleep or fall.

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