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In India, more than 300 people were hospitalized with an unknown disease

In the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh in the East of the country, a new unknown disease has been detected, with which 315 people have already been hospitalized over the past day, the Hindu newspaper reported on December 7.

The first cases were discovered a couple of days ago. By the end of Saturday afternoon, 55 patients were identified, by Sunday morning — already 170, by Sunday evening — 270, on Monday morning their number increased to 315. At the same time, several dozen more people can be treated in private clinics.

The main signs of the new disease are dizziness, headache, and symptoms of epilepsy. Anyone who makes a complaint is tested for coronavirus and CT scans, but the results are negative.

Currently, doctors are examining samples of blood, water, and food samples.

A hotline has been set up in Andhra Pradesh for anyone experiencing similar symptoms.

At the same time, doctors note that “ the dynamics of recovery in patients is good.”

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