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Trump announced COVID vaccination in the US next week

Donald Trump says this is a credit to his administration. The statement was made against the backdrop of record rates of disease in the United States.

Vaccination against COVID-19 in the United States starts next week. This was stated by US President Donald Trump at a rally in Valdosta, Georgia, reports livemint.com Sunday, December 6.

Development of COVID-19 vaccines is progressing at a previously unprecedented level, says trump.

“It would have taken another administration five years, we-seven months. And the vaccines will be available next week, and we are going to start vaccinating, and many people are already vaccinated, “ the US President said.

His statement came after the United States recorded a record number of new cases of COVID-19-about 230 thousand infections for the third day in a row. At the same time, the United States is currently the country with the highest number of cases and deaths from coronavirus in the world.

Recall that Biden intends to publicly vaccinate against COVID-19. Expressing his willingness to get vaccinated, the Democrat noted that Americans are losing faith in the effectiveness of the coronavirus vaccine.

It was also reported that the who is considering the introduction of electronic certificates of vaccination. Who does not recommend that countries issue “immune passports” for those who have recovered from COVID-19.

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