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Apple will be forced to put the charger in the box with the iPhone

Apple may be forced to bundle iPhone with a free adapter in Brazil. This is reported by Appleinsider with reference to the statement of the city authorities of Sao Paulo.

In a message posted on the website of the state consumer protection organization Procon-SP, local authorities have demanded that Apple sell complete smartphones. The statement says the charger is an integral part of the iPhone itself. City officials stressed that refusing to provide a free Apple charger violates consumer rights in Brazil.

The document also says that Apple was unable to clearly explain the environmental benefits following the abandonment of the full iPhone package. Earlier, representatives of Procon-SP turned to the American company to explain why the adapter is no longer put in the box with the smartphone. Apple responded that such a solution would help reduce the carbon footprint of every device it sells.

According to journalists, the Brazilian consumer rights organization is considering giving Apple such a notice. If successful, government authorities can force the corporation to sell the iPhone with the adapter throughout Brazil.

Apple removed the charging adapter and wired headphones from the set of all smartphones sold after the release of the iPhone 12 series. The company explained this step with concern for the environment, analysts — with the desire to save money and attract the attention of consumers to AirPods. In France, where local law requires every smartphone to come with a headset, Apple continued to sell iPhones with bundled headphones.

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