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Interesting facts about human growth

Human growth, as Wikipedia tells us, is the distance from the apical point of the head to the plane of the feet. We all know that environmental factors, heredity from parents, hereditary diseases, age, and gender influence human growth. Also, growth can be affected by belonging to a particular race and nation. In this article, I would like to tell in great detail about the features of a particular race, nation or even tribes, about the largest and smallest people in the world, and of course about the growth of the greatest people of all people and nations.

Interesting fact 1: In June 1936, a village was found in central China, in which about 1000 people (men and women) lived, not exceeding a height of 120 cm.

Interesting fact 2: Previously it was believed that the one tribe from the Andaman Islands in the Indian Ocean was considered the most undersized nation, but to this day almost none of this nationality has survived. But in 1970, on the Brazilian-Peruvian border, the lowest stunt tribe living on earth was found. Dwarf growth does not exceed 105 cm.

Interesting fact 3: 72-year-old Nepalese Chandra Bahadur Dangi lives in the remote village of Rimholi, 540 kilometers southwest of Kathmandu. This man is the shortest man on the planet because his height is only 56 cm!

Interesting fact 4: Pauline Masters was the smallest woman. She was born on February 26, 1876, in Ossendrecht, the Netherlands. At birth, her height was 30 cm. By the age of 9, she had grown to 55 cm, with a weight of 15 kg.

Interesting fact 5: Talented and capable dwarfs surprised their contemporaries. For example the comprehensively developed, artistic Gibson, the court painter of the King of England Charles II and Dukornet, also an artist, in addition to everything armless. Lord Gay, of the British Parliament, as well as Dutchman Minkheer Vybrand Lolkes, one of the most famous watchmakers of his time. They include Alexander Pope, undoubtedly the greatest English poet of the XVIII century. His fellow pen in France was Antoine Godot, whose reputation was so high that he became a close friend of Cardinal Richelieu.

Interesting fact 6: It is interesting that the king of Sweden, Gustav Adolf, kept in his army a whole regiment of dwarfs.

Interesting fact 7: High growth in itself is not yet a sign of gigantism — a serious illness caused by excessive production of growth hormone. Healthy people with gigantic growth (200 cm or more) differ from people of average height only in growth itself. And people with gigantism also differ in proportions.

Interesting fact 8: The highest person with reliable evidence was Robert Pershing Wadlow, who was born in 1918 in Olton, pc. Illinois, USA. When he was measured on June 27, 1940, he was 2.72 m with an arm span of 2.88 m. His maximum recorded weight reached 223 kg. At the moment, the tallest man in the world is the Sultan Kosen Turk.

Interesting fact 9: People of the highest average height live on the African continent. The average height of the men of the Sari tribe is 182 centimeters.

Interesting fact 10: For cosmonauts, for a long time in zero gravity, growth increases by 5-8 centimeters. However, this is quite dangerous, since the spine is losing strength. After returning to Earth, growth gradually returns to its previous size.

Interesting fact 11: During the day, a person’s height changes by an average of 2 cm. The greatest growth will be immediately after sleep. During the day (with a predominantly vertical position of the trunk), the intervertebral discs settle, and during the night they restore their original height.

Interesting fact 12: When measuring growth, it is necessary that a person touches the floor with both heels. If a person stands on one leg, he will be able to stretch about 1 cm higher.

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