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New Xbox Series X called the disappointment of the year

The new Xbox game console didn't look like a new generation console. This was stated in the material for Forbes by game journalist Matt Gardner.

The author noted that he considers the Xbox Series X to be an improved version of the Xbox One X, especially in terms of case design. However, the update of the series did not seem to him “exciting”, which he expected from a new generation console. According to Gardner, he played several titles, but could not understand why the new console was radically better than the old one. “Of course, everything has become clearer and faster, but what else?” — asked the journalist after passing Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Watch Dogs: Legion on a Microsoft console.

Gardner said he was disappointed with the “touted” innovations for the 2020 console. For example, the author called the Quick Resume function not as fast as it seemed and requires a constant connection to the Internet. Minor changes to the controller, however, made it impossible to use the old docking stations to charge it.

The Forbes columnist stressed that there are not as many exclusive games on Xbox as on PS5, so Microsoft should think about solving the problem in this direction. The journalist noted that the release of Halo Infinite is constantly being delayed, and the release date for games such as Fable, State of Decay 3, and Forza is not disclosed at all.

In conclusion, the author stated that the feeling of disappointment may have been due to his overestimated expectations. “I bet that many PlayStation 5 owners have the same feelings about their new consoles,” Gardner said.

Xbox Series X and S went on sale on November 10. In Europe, the cost of consoles was 499 and 299 euros, respectively.

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