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China is going to control the weather over a vast territory

China is expanding its weather management program. Now they want to set up experiments on a territory that is one and a half times larger than the country's area. The State Council of the People's Republic of China announced that in 15 years the country will reach the level of an “advanced user” in the formation of snow, hail, and rain. At the same time, the first 10 will create a “developed system of weather changes”.

Clear skies have already been created artificially in Beijing during the Olympic Games. And also during a meeting with foreign guests.

Experiments are now continuing. Chinese scientists are working on an ambitious plan for the Tianhe — “heavenly river”. Water vapor needs to be diverted north from the Yangtze Basin to the Yellow River Basin, where it will rain. Reported by The Guardian.

China is also planning to set up an experimental base and laboratory to develop the ability to induce or prevent rain, eliminate fog, and improve air quality. Between 2012 and 2017, China spent over $1.34 billion on various weather change programs.

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