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Unvaccinated entry prohibited?

In the debate about choosing a vaccination strategy, there is growing speculation that people vaccinated against corona will have certain advantages over all others — for example, when traveling when accessing certain facilities — and even in the workplace. With such plans, the authorities of many countries partly hope to change the opinion of the population that is not particularly ready for vaccination, which makes it difficult to form collective immunity.

No class division at the whim of individuals

Handelsblatt doesn't even want to think about it:

“Everything that is planned in this direction, in fact, implies a kind of mandatory vaccination indirectly. But such an approach would mean a lot of arbitrary decisions on the part of people who have no right to do so. Similarly, any transport company could then, at its own discretion, refuse some customers their services. Any Agency, any movie theater, any fitness Studio would have the opportunity to arbitrarily refuse their services. And the labor market would be divided into vaccinated and unvaccinated labor. Of course, those who fell out of the system could have sued, and probably in many cases, the court would have sided with them. ... Fortunately, this is the case. Democracy cannot allow individuals or institutions to decide who is considered safe and who is not.»

When it comes to vacation, everyone will be compliant

The Tages-Anzeiger newspaper relies on enlightenment — and puts forward its assumption about when public skepticism will decline:

“It will take some time for independent experts of the relevant licensing authorities to thoroughly check the vaccines. Our health experts should use this time to explain the benefits of vaccination to the public. ... Volunteers-mostly in the United States, Brazil, and Argentina-rolled up their sleeves and put their hands under the vaccine syringe. ... They rated the chance of being protected by the vaccine higher than the risk of side effects. What about us? When popular resorts require a vaccination instead of a negative corona test, opinions about its need will quickly change!»

Not discrimination, but risk minimization

The Times does not consider reprehensible the plans of the British authorities to support companies and businesses that will require a certificate of vaccination from customers:

“Calling such rules discrimination, as activists are hastily doing, is just childish talk! If the vaccine does make it harder for the virus to spread, it would be completely illiberal to force business owners to put themselves, their employees, and customers at risk. ... Many African countries only allow those who present a certificate of yellow fever vaccination to enter the country. It is likely that many countries, including the UK, will introduce similar practices for Covid-19. It is possible that the first companies to require a certificate of vaccination will be air carriers.»

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