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In the US, they told about the biggest threat to American domination

Director of national intelligence John Radcliffe spoke about the biggest threat to American rule in the last 75 years. He wrote about this in an article for the Wall Street Journal.

Radcliffe noted that it is China that now threatens the United States, as well as democracy and freedom around the world. He stressed that China is going to dominate the United States and other countries in the economic, military, and technological fields.

The American politician added that he had reallocated the resources of all 16 us intelligence agencies to the confrontation with China. According to him, Beijing is preparing for an unlimited confrontation with the United States in an attempt to become a new superpower.

Earlier, Radcliffe said that China poses a greater threat to America's national security than Russia. He stressed that those who disagree with this “simply politicize intelligence in their own interests.”

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