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George Clooney spoke about his family life

Recently, 59-year-old George Clooney is increasingly telling reporters about his 42-year-old wife Amal and their little children. So during a recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel's Evening Show, the actor spoke not only about the premiere of the new sci-fi film Midnight Sky, in which he acted and directed, but also about his family life.

Clooney spoke about the upbringing of three-year-old twins Alexander and Ella, as well as their talents and skills. So, George admitted that the kids are already fluent in Italian thanks to regular classes with teachers.

Life with twins is a little crazy! Besides, Amal and I did a very stupid thing: taught them a foreign language. Thus, at the age of three, they already speak Italian fluently. At the same time, neither I nor my wife knows this language!

— said, George.

Clooney also admitted that sometimes, in response to his request to the children, said in English, they answer him in Italian, which is why he is simply lost:

This is terrible! Sometimes I tell them, “Come back and clean your room.” They answer me something incomprehensible in Italian, and I was like: “What?”.

In a conversation with the host, George also revealed that he and his wife Amal and the twins had quarantined their family home in Los Angeles, and jokingly complained that the children had temporarily turned his office into a playroom. George also told about how he and his family recently celebrated Thanksgiving: according to the actor, this time he was responsible for the gala dinner.

Recall that George and Amal Clooney have been together for over seven years. Recently, the actor admitted that at the first stage of the relationship, he and his beloved did not even think about marriage and children. Now the actor is convinced that only after the appearance of Amal in his life and the birth of twins, his life really took on meaning.

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