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MEP from the Fidesz party at the center of a sex scandal

Against the backdrop of the scandal surrounding the illegal party, conservative Hungarian politician and MEP Jozsef Sayer resigned as a deputy. Sayer, one of the founding fathers of Hungary's ruling party, has taken part in an orgy violating contact restrictions due to the pandemic, according to media reports. In addition, drugs were allegedly found with the deputy. What is the political damage to the scandal?

Voters are rightfully angry

The disappointment of Fidesz supporters is not surprising, writes the Pesti Sracok portal:

“Over the past thirty years, Jozsef Sayer has become known throughout the country as a reliable, wise, balanced, and competent person in his field. Until today, his opponents had no reason to attack — and now suddenly such a scandal that led to the end of his career. With Sayer, Fidesz is losing one of his pillars, so the anger and frustration of voters from the national camp are understandable.”

PR disaster for the Hungarian government

This is a painful blow to the ruling party in Fidesz, writes De Standaard:

“The gap between the behavior of Jozsef Sayer and the ideological line of his party is too great. Ever since Orban and Sayer founded the Fidesz party, initially as an anti-communist student club, the party has seriously drifted to the right. Part of the new party line is the increasingly widespread infringement of the rights of the LGBT community. ... Just last week, Budapest, together with the Polish government, once again opposed the plan to proclaim gender equality within the framework of the EU's common foreign policy. ... The fact that a political heavyweight by his personal example has demonstrated all the hypocrisy of the party line is a potential PR nightmare for Fidesz.”

The real problem is hypocrisy

The essence of the scandal here is completely different, writes Telex:

“No one should be subjected to moral condemnation or legal prosecution for their sexual preferences — unless, of course, they go beyond the legal framework. ... Manifestations of intemperate sexuality should not be more severely condemned just because it is a public persona. ... But here we are dealing with a representative of political ideology, appealing to the virtues of Christianity and conservatism. ... The scandal here lies in hypocrisy and falsehood.”

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