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Trump spoke about the reason for “fraud” in the presidential election

The incumbent US President Donald Trump called the mail-order vote the reason for widespread fraud in the presidential elections. He posted the recording of his speech on his Twitter account.

Trump said he intends to demonstrate “massive electoral fraud” and accused Democrats of fraud. According to the head of state, representatives of the Democratic Party “acted as if they already knew what the result would be” of the vote.

The US President also said that the process of counting votes in the elections should continue and promised to ensure that all legally cast ballots are counted. “We will defend the integrity of the vote by ensuring that every legitimate ballot is counted,” he said.

It was previously reported that nearly 300,000 ballots disappeared after being delivered to the US presidential election on November 3. The Washington Examiner reported 288,000 missing ballots and another 100,000 that were backdated. In particular, the data is based on the words of the driver of the Postal Service subcontractor Jesse Morgan. It is also alleged that in Michigan and Pennsylvania, votes for President Donald Trump were deposited in bins labeled “undelivered business mail.”

On November 3, the next presidential elections were held in the United States. The counting of votes and proceedings on this issue continues to this day. According to the media, Biden received the necessary number of electoral votes to win, thus beating Trump. The democrat has already proclaimed himself the elected president of the United States.

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