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Biden intends to return the US to the nuclear deal with Iran

The Biden administration intends to return to cooperation on Iran's nuclear program.

Democrat Joe Biden, who announced his victory in the US presidential elections, announced his readiness to work on returning the country to the list of participants in the Iranian nuclear program. He stated this in an interview with The New York Times.

“It won't be easy, but yes,” Biden answered when asked if he sticks to his statement of returning to the nuclear deal with Iran.

According to him, the future administration intends, in cooperation “with allies and partners, to participate in negotiations and develop additional agreements that would strengthen and extend the restrictions on Iran's nuclear program, as well as relate to Tehran's missile program.

Biden noted that a functioning agreement that would control Tehran's nuclear development is “the best instrument for ensuring stability in the region.”

Otherwise, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, and other countries of the region will strive to develop nuclear weapons, the politician said.

“Building up nuclear capabilities in this part of the world is the last thing we want,” Biden said.

Note that the current US President Donald Trump announced his intention to conclude a nuclear deal with Iran if he wins the presidential race.

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