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France and security law: authorities backed down

The ruling parties of France intend to send Article 24 of the new Security Law for revision, listening to the voices of all protesters and dissatisfied with the law — including in their own ranks. This was announced on Twitter by Christophe Castaner, Chairman of the Forward, Republic! The controversial article initially implied a restriction on the publication of photographs and video frames in which police officers could be reliably identified during execution. As observers note, the point in dispute has not yet been put.

Enough and existing laws

The government should abandon its plans to legalize Article 24, La Croix believes:

“There are already enough serious problems in the country, so there is no need to waste all the energy on disputes in which, in the end, there is no point. According to Laurence Wisniewski, a deputy from the Democratic Movement party and a former judge, the current legislation fully allows implementing in practice everything that the notorious article is aimed at. Rather, efforts should be made to restore trust between the police and the public, and, of course, to tackle the covid pandemic and its disastrous consequences for society and the economy.“

Macron let the country's security take its course

Le Figaro has a very different opinion:

“I would very much like the head of state to take a decisive position with regard to the sovereign rights of the state. It is here that the weak point of Macron's presidency is, and this is in a country where the threat of terrorism is extremely high, crime is growing, discontent is growing in society for various reasons, and the authority of the state is suffering more and more often. A global security law is needed — albeit without Article 24 — in order to clearly define the objectives of all actors involved in the security process, both in the public and private sectors. Soon, another bill is expected to be made public — on the fight against separatism, which should become the basis for the fight against radical Islamism. The government must act decisively.”

Greetings from George Orwell

This law is the real implementation of the methods of the state of universal control, writes Il Manifesto:

“Castaner speaks of misunderstanding, but the demonstrations and protests of journalists, lawyers, NGOs and thousands of ordinary citizens, as well as doubts expressed even by the UN and the EU, are only one obvious demand: to withdraw this bill. The requirement to repeal not only Article 24 but also other provisions of this law, which bears an absolutely Orwellian name — the 'Global Security Act'. So, we are talking about Articles 21 and 22, which, according to opponents of the law, lay the foundation for 'mass surveillance' — allowing the use of drones during demonstrations as the first step towards a 'face recognition system'.”

Double standards would be a fatal mistake

According to Nepszava, Macron must show consistency:

“Thanks in part to rather tough police action — including against terrorist suspects — public support for Emmanuel Macron has grown significantly in recent months. And now he has no choice but to show determination in relation to racism, as well as violence by law enforcement officials. Otherwise, the president could be accused of using double standards. ... Macron must not repeat the mistake of Nicolas Sarkozy, who was guided by the letter of the law — which ultimately led to a right-wing in society. If Macron focuses his efforts only on knocking the ground out from under the feet of right-wing populists by the 2022 elections, he risks losing the confidence of the electorate.”

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