Trump accused Democrats of violating the US constitution

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In the US, impeached Trump

The American president believes that Democrats violate the constitution by delaying the impeachment process.

The US Democratic Party, dragging out the impeachment procedure, violates the constitution. This was stated by US President Donald Trump, reports Reuters.

“They (the Democrats) are violating the Constitution,” the head of the White House said, but he did not specify what exactly the violation consists of.

Trump also once again called "unfair" the results of the vote in the House of Representatives.

We will remind, earlier the US House of Representatives voted for impeachment. Now the vote should take place in the Senate, where the Republicans - the majority.

The US president was formally accused of impeachment under two counts: abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

The reason for the proceedings was the information that the American leader was putting pressure on President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, demanding that an investigation be opened against Joe Biden’s son in exchange for defrosting military assistance.

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