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A car hitting a crowd in Germany leads to the death of people

At least two people were killed when a car hit a crowd in the city of Trier, Germany. The city police announced this on Twitter.

“We detained one person and confiscated one car. According to the first reports, two people died. Please stay away from the city center, ” the police post says. In previous reports, law enforcement officers asked not to spread rumors and speculations about the situation and wait for official information.

The fact that an unknown person ran into people in the pedestrian zone of Trier became known earlier on December 1. Initially, the death toll was not reported.

In November, a car drove into the fence of the office of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The car that crashed into the gate read “damned killers of children and old people” and “stop the politics of globalization”.

At the end of October, a car drove into a crowd in the German city of Kempen near Dusseldorf, one person was killed.

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