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Trump's coronavirus advisor resigns

Scott Atlas, US President Donald Trump's coronavirus advisor, is retiring.

Fox News reports.

“I am writing to resign as special adviser to the US president,” Atlas said in a resignation statement.

He also noted that he worked hard to help Americans fight the pandemic, while relying on the latest science and evidence, without any political considerations.

However, public health experts including Anthony Fauci, a leading US expert on infectious diseases, sharply criticized Atlas for “providing” Trump with false information about the virus pandemic.

Note that in the United States last week, more than 100 thousand people died of the coronavirus. In total, over the past week, there were 1.1 million new cases of coronavirus.

The highest number of coronavirus cases in Texas. In the state, 1.26 million people fell ill. In total, almost 13 thousand new cases were recorded over the past day.

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