Strange personal items of stars that are sold for millions of dollars

It's no secret that collectors are people who are a little crazy about their hobby. After all, sometimes they are ready to give fabulous sums for some stupidity. In this material, we have collected 17 things celebrities who went under the hammer for unrealistic means.

1. John Lennon's Tooth

The molar of John Lennon, whom the singer lost in the distant past, was bought at Omega Auctions for $31,200. Lot owner became practicing dentist Michael Zuck. The buyer later stated that he intended to extract DNA from the tooth in order to clone a celebrity.

2. Air from a Kanye West concert

One of Kanye West's fans put up an airbag on one of his concerts on eBay. Bidding began at $5 and reached a fabulous amount of $60,000. There is also information about attempts to sell water from a fountain in Yerevan. During the concert, the singer himself bathed in it. Enterprising fans gathered water and started selling it. Starting bid — $10 per jar.

3. Justin Timberlake Breakfast Leftovers

Justin Timberlake's undernourished toast was sold at auction for $3,154. Lot was provided by a French radio host, and the proceeds went to charity.

4. Elvis Presley Underwear

Rock and roll king's worn underpants were auctioned in the UK. The story says that it was in them that the star gave a concert in 1977. The initial bid was £10,000. Contrary to the expectations of the founders, the lot did not attract the attention of the audience. The highest bid for the performer’s underwear was £5,000, but it did not exceed the starting price.

5. The glove of Michael Jackson

The exclusive shiny glove that flaunted the pop king’s hand during the first performance of the Moon Walk in 1983 was auctioned off and sold for $350,000. The lucky ones who were able to take possession of the lot were Hoffman Ma from Hong Kong.

6. Sweatshirt and bra of the heroine of the movie “My Boyfriend Is Crazy”.

The sweatshirt and sports top in which Jennifer Lawrence performed the dance in the movie “My Boyfriend is Crazy” was auctioned after the actress won an Oscar for best actress. An unusual lot went under the hammer for $3175.

7. The air that Brad and Angelina breathed

During the next release of the most beautiful Hollywood couple, an enterprising fan managed to scoop up a centimeter of air from celebrities with a can. This bank was later put up on eBay and sold for $530.

8. Britney Spears Hair

Everyone remembers the scandalous story when Britney Spears shaved headlong in one of the city's hairdressers. Some entrepreneurial men took possession of this hair and put it on eBay for $1 million. However, the lot was deleted by administrators, and its further fate is unknown.

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