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The deepest pool in the world was opened in Poland

In Mszczonowie, near Warsaw, the world's deepest and most modern swimming pool called Deepspot has opened.

Its depth reaches 45.7 meters, and the total volume of water is 8 thousand cubic meters — this is about 27 ordinary 25-meter pools.

The pool is located in the center of diving, and therefore various “entertainment” are provided inside the structure. For example, the decoration of the pool is stylized as Mayan temples, inside there are “five-story” caves with stalactites, and at a depth of 5 meters, there are underwater tunnels and hotel rooms.

Note that a similar pool called Nemo33, 33 meters deep, was opened near Brussels in 2004, and in 2014, near the Italian Padua, the Y-40 Deep Joy pool, whose depth is 42 meters, began its work.[/size

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