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The effectiveness of the Moderna COVID vaccine was estimated at 100%

The effectiveness of the Moderna COVID vaccine was estimated at 100%

The American coronavirus vaccine has shown 100% effectiveness when used in patients with severe coronavirus.

The mRNA-1273 coronavirus vaccine from the American company Moderna has shown the effectiveness of the drug at the level of 100 percent in severe COVID-19. More than 30,000 volunteers took part in testing the drug, according to a press release on the company's website.

In other cases, the effectiveness of the vaccine was 94.1 percent. Most of the participants during the drug trials suffered the vaccination without any noticeable consequences.

In total, more than 30 thousand people took part in the tests. Of these, 196 people who received a placebo and 11 who received the vaccine fell ill with the coronavirus. In this case, the company concludes, the effectiveness of the vaccine was 94.1%.

During the trial, 30 volunteers contracted severe COVID-19 - these are people who received a placebo instead of a vaccine. Of those who received the vaccine, no one was seriously ill, which indicates that the vaccine was 100% effective.

It is also known that during the Moderna research, one person who was part of the placebo group died from coronavirus.

"This positive initial analysis confirms the ability of our vaccine to prevent COVID-19 disease with 94.1 percent efficacy, as well as the ability to prevent severe disease. We believe that our vaccine will be a powerful new tool that can change the course of the pandemic," the press release.

Moderna also said the company is filing for US vaccine registration.

EU to contract with Moderna for 160 million doses of vaccine. Once the vaccine is proven to be effective and safe, every EU country will receive it on equal terms.

Prior to that, it became known that the United States had called a "fair" price for the COVID vaccine from Moderna.

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