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U.S. intelligence links Iranian scientist's murder to Biden — NYT

Experts admit that the assassination of Fakhrizade was a carefully timed operation of the Israeli intelligence service Mossad.

US intelligence officials are almost certain that Israel is behind the assassination of Iranian nuclear physicist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. The motive for the crime is to prevent the future head of the White House, Joseph Biden, from resuming diplomatic cooperation with Tehran. This is stated in the material of The New York Times, published on Saturday, November 28.

“As the intelligence officials say, there is little doubt that Israel is behind the murder, there are all signs that it was a carefully timed operation of the Israeli intelligence Mossad. And the Israeli side did nothing to refute this,” the article says. ...

At the same time, the authors of the material recalled that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had previously called Fakhrizade “the enemy of the people number one.”

Thus, the Israeli side can get a tough response from Iran to what happened.

“And if the Iranians take revenge by giving Trump a reason to retaliate before he leaves office in January, then Biden will inherit more serious problems than the collapse of the diplomatic document five years ago,” the NYT admitted.

In connection with what is happening, the US military is closely monitoring the Iranian forces but has not yet recorded any unusual movements of Iranian troops or weapons.

Let us remind you that Fakhrizade was killed near Tehran. He became the victim of a terrorist attack in the village of Absurd.

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif accused Israel of involvement in the murder of their nuclear scientist. Tehran promised to avenge this crime.

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