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Europol conducted a large-scale special operation against the drug cartel

As a result of the searches, police seized 37 aircraft and 37 luxury vehicles and confiscated €12 million in cash.

As a result of an unprecedented special operation against a drug cartel operating in Brazil, Europe, and Asia, on Friday, November 27, the police managed to carry out 45 arrests. Most of them are in Brazil, Spain, Belgium, and Dubai.

According to representatives of Europol (the organization coordinating the work of the police services of the EU member states) at a press conference in The Hague, during the operation with the participation of about 1000 police officers, searches were carried out at 180 addresses. According to Europol, this was the largest joint operation with the Brazilian police since the signing of a cooperation agreement with the country in 2017.

As a result of searches carried out in the territory of the South American country, the police seized 37 aircraft and 160 properties. In addition, in Brazil, Belgium, and Spain, police confiscated 37 luxury cars from alleged criminals, and in Portugal 12 million euros in cash.

Europol conducted a large-scale special operation against the drug cartel

According to international law enforcement agencies, the drug cartel, the likely members of which were detained on November 26, annually imports at least 45 tons of cocaine into Europe by sea. For six months, this criminal organization earns about 100 million euros, indicated in Europol.

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