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Pfizer vaccine begins to be distributed around the world

The American coronavirus vaccine began to be supplied to Europe even before its certification by the regulator.

United Airlines began shipping Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine to warehouses in the US and Europe, The Wall Street Journal writes.

According to the publication, this is done in order to start vaccination of the population as soon as possible after the approval of the drug by the regulatory authorities.

It is noted that the vaccine is delivered to warehouses in the US state of Michigan and Belgium. Later, it is planned to carry out deliveries to Wisconsin and Germany.

To transport the vaccine, the airline requested permission to transport 6.8 tons of dry ice, which is five times the legal requirement. The newspaper emphasizes that this is necessary to maintain a low temperature onboard at which the vaccine can be safely stored.

Recall that on November 20, Pfizer and the German Biotech filed a request for registration in the United States of a vaccine against coronavirus.

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