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“Black Friday” in the USA: sale without rush and extended discounts

No long lines and shopping online. So this year marks “Black Friday” in the United States. The coronavirus pandemic has nearly erased shopping trips. People no longer line up in front of stores to be the first to grab the goods at a discount, because the sale was stretched out and the whole week this year was nicknamed “black”.

In normal times, on Black Friday night, there would be huge queues at the store wanting to buy equipment or clothing at a discount. And now there is no one at the entrance. Because everything is closed.

The shops open their doors much later. People gather little by little only at dawn. And those who want to buy the coveted product are few. Hardy people are not afraid of either the coronavirus or the cold.

It used to be that on “Black Friday” in American shopping centers they staged a real massacre in search of frenzied discounts. But this year — no excitement. The shops are organized in small groups.

The most popular product is the TVs. They are immediately taken in a couple of pieces because they have fallen in price by $300, food processors by $100.

There are also small queues because Black Friday this year has been stretched out in time. And they announced big discounts from Monday.

Huge rows of branded clothing. And discounts of 30, 40, and even 60 percent — and not only on the most “Black Friday” so that people do not accumulate in one place. Nothing can be measured, therefore there are only a few people in the clothing department.

Due to the pandemic, many Americans are looking for discounts on the Internet. Americans plan to spend nearly $100 billion on online purchases on Black Friday, a third more than last year.

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