The theft of the PlayStation 5 by an Amazon courier caused a scandal

The theft by courier Amazon set-top box PlayStation 5, bought by Englishman Jenny Walker as a gift to her son, was recorded by the camera, November 20, the customer shared the video in the social network Twitter.

The video shows how the Amazon courier takes out a large box, scans it, and puts it back in the van. Having marked the delivery, he leaves, taking PlayStation 5.

Taking into account that the purchase was fully paid for, the woman asked the support team to sort it out and fulfill the order. But, after a few days, Amazon offered to return the money, and, as compensation, to present a certificate for 5 pounds, which eventually increased to 50 pounds. However, the customer continued to demand an investigation, claiming that her child's holiday was ruined.

After the video theft was presented to the Amazon branch, store staff admitted that it was their courier, but said they were no longer working with him.

Walker still refuses money and compensation, insisting on fulfilling the order and delivering the game console.

Recall that cases of set-top box theft by couriers in the UK have already been recorded earlier. Deceived clients have posted numerous photos and videos in which instead of consoles in boxes, there were foreign objects such as coffee makers and cat food. It was also repeatedly reported about cases when the courier took the console after the delivery was fixed.

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