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Should a Christmas lockdown be introduced in alpine resorts?

Should a Christmas lockdown be introduced in alpine resorts?

Berlin, Paris, and Rome intend to introduce lockdown until January 10 at the ski resorts of the European Union. These measures are intended to contain the increase in the number of covid diseases. Vienna is categorically opposed to these measures — and does not intend to harm the already affected multi-billion dollar economic sector, although it was he who at the beginning of the pandemic played a key role in the spread of the virus throughout Europe. There is more than just fear of the coronavirus behind the conflict, some observers say.

Vienna is hostage to ski tourism

If Austria rules out the possibility of a lockdown for ski resorts before January, then this is irresponsible and unconsolidated behavior, writes the Suddeutsche Zeitung with indignation:

“This is irresponsible because there is still no definite information about the risk of infection at ski resorts in the middle of the season. ... The act of lack of solidarity is a refusal to find a solution that works for the entire EU in the field of ski resorts since, in a crisis, every company and every direction between Venice and the North Sea has to make sacrifices — so why is the tourism industry, this sacred in many alpine regions the industry should be left out? ... [It feels like] Vienna is hostage to a heavy burden called ski tourism.“

A united front against Merkel!

The Bulgarian newspaper Trud is outraged by the German initiative:

“It’s as if it’s not enough that the pseudo-nature protectors hinder the development of Bulgarian winter tourism. Now politicians have also appeared who are trying to destroy what little is left on the move — and brings income, and not only to Bulgaria, but to Europe as a whole. ... Germany is the President of the EU Council. But this does not mean that we must agree with everything that the high authorities of the European Union tell us. Maybe it's time to form a common front against such ideas? There is no doubt that Austria will support us — and why not support us countries like France, Italy, Slovenia, Romania, and the Czech Republic?”

Awkward red herring

It would be good for the Germans to take control of the pandemic in their own country before criticizing others for the measures they are taking, says Der Standard:

“While Austria is again thinking about easing quarantine measures, the Germans have to extend and tighten them precisely because the number of infections is not decreasing. ... To Markus Soder and Angela Merkel, who is in favor of tough measures, Austria's desire seems absurd and dangerous. It can be understood — but only from one side. Memories of the Ischgl resort are still fresh in Germany. ... Ischgl is a symbol of defeat, it is a synonym for wild parties in a chalet without thinking about tomorrow. When Germans intend to decisively advocate in Brussels for the closure of ski resorts throughout the European Union, it feels like some people would not mind turning their attention from their problems to others.

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