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7 most ambitious transport operations in the history of mankind

7 most ambitious transport operations in the history of mankind

From the moment people began to create various things, the need arose for their transportation. Small things people can easily carry on their own. Larger items will be able to pick up a pair of strong men. Things from a few kilograms to several hundred tons can be taken away by trucks or trailers. However, what to do when items reach tremendous volumes and weights? At all times, this problem was dealt with in different ways, and with every decade people moved objects were only larger.

1. Muon g-2

The most difficult transportation operation was carried out in the summer of 2013. The largest electromagnet Muon g-2 was transported; its diameter was 15 meters. The item was transported 5,150 km for the whole 35 days. He was moved not only by water but also by land. The significance of the magnet was that it was one of the main elements of an experiment conducted to study subatomic particles. Such particles are present only in 0.0000002 seconds. Carrying a magnet was difficult and very expensive — it cost $25 million.

2. Endeavor

After almost twenty years of flight, the Endeavor spacecraft was decided to be written off to the ground. According to the decision of the project managers, the ship will be used as a museum exhibit, for this purpose it was necessary to transport it to Los Angeles. In outer space, this shuttle covered over 185 million km. And upon arrival to Earth, they began to transport it in an unusual way - they fixed it on top of the Boeing 747, which was obviously prepared for this procedure. The ship was transported very slowly along city roads. And over 400 trees were cut across the city and many power lines were turned off. The weight of ground transport for the spacecraft was 78 tons.

3. Mirrors for a telescope

Mirrors were transported from the University of Arizona, located in the city of Tucson, to the top of Montecristo. It was necessary to raise a very fragile load to a height of 3,200 meters. Preparation for the operation lasted for five months. Thanks to good preparation, it was possible to deliver two mirrors weighing 16 tons each, as well as a steel case in which they were stored. The weight of the case was 33 tons. At 15 kilometers per hour, the convoy drove 196 kilometers. The trip lasted 2 days. In a tugboat carrying mirrors, 48 wheels were installed.

4. Harriet's pipe

The Harriet gas turbine is the most powerful turbine in the world. Its weight is approximately 800 tons. With the help of one such turbine, it is possible to provide electricity to over 600 thousand buildings in France. They developed it in France, in the city of Belfort. The turbine was taken to the installation site for almost 330 km. And the transportation process itself was divided into several stages. In size, it can be compared with a football field. The turbine was transported on three platforms assembled from 14 axles.

5. Nuclear Reactor

A reactor weighing 1,040 tons was transported along a winding 1,100 km long road to Saudi Arabia. To transport such cargo, two specialized ten-axle hydraulic trailers were used. They were pulled by 2 coupled trucks. And in the convoy itself, four of the same cars were driving nearby, for replacement. Tractors were replaced after passing every difficult period of the road, for example, a small mountain. This was necessary to ensure complete reliability.

6. Bagger 288

Bagger 288 is on the list of the largest excavators and largest machines in the world, whose height is almost one hundred meters and the length is two football fields! This car is such a size that five drivers are needed to drive it. In the winter of 2001, the car had to be delivered to a new place of work. Initially, it was planned to disassemble, transport and assemble it in another place, but this plan was difficult to implement. It is worth considering that it was necessary to drive only 22 km. As a result, it was decided that Bagger 288 will go by itself. He traveled this distance in 33 weeks, and the maximum acceleration speed of the car reached 10 meters per minute.

7. Troll-A

The Troll-A offshore platform is the tallest structure assembled by people of all time. Its height is 472 meters, and most of the structure is located underwater. In addition, the platform is the heaviest object on the water. Its weight is approximately 50 million tons! The platform was built 80 km from the installation site. To move it, floats of grandiose sizes were used, it was they that allowed Troll-A to stay on the water. If it is necessary to transport the platform to a new field, the same method will be used.

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