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One of the creators of the country's nuclear program was killed in Iran

Muhsin Fakhrizade was the victim of a terrorist attack, according to media reports. Several of the scientist's relatives were killed along with him.

One of the creators of Iran's nuclear program, high-ranking nuclear scientist Muhsin Fahrizade was killed near Tehran. This was reported on Friday, 27 November, in his Twitter account on the Press TV channel, citing sources.

Tasnim News Agency, reports that Fakhrizade was the victim of a terrorist attack in the village of Absurd near the Iranian capital. It is noted that first, a suicide bombing occurred at the site, and then the scientist's car was fired on by other attackers.

Several people were killed in the attack. In particular, we can talk about the relatives of Fakhrizade, who, according to preliminary data, could have been with him at the time of the assassination.

Other details of what happened are being established. Iranian Defense Ministry confirms the information about the death of the scientist, reports the agency IRNA.

“Today terrorists attacked Mohsen Fahrizade, head of the Center for Research and Innovation at the Ministry of Defense,” the press service of the Ministry said. It is also noted that “a medical team failed to save him.

At the same time, representative of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Behruz Kamalvandi said that all scientists working in the country in this field are alive. “All scientists working in the nuclear industry are in full health,” he said.

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