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The signal source "Wow!" was detected

Found 15 stars, which hypothetically could be the source of a mysterious radio signal "Wow!", which once turned the view of scientists on the presence of extraterrestrial civilizations. Today, history is being continued. Of the supposed fifteen stars, there is one sun-like, and it was just called the most likely candidate. The star is located 1801 light-year from the Sun.

The nature of the mysterious Wow! signal has been worrying scientists and ordinary people for decades. New details have appeared in the amateur astronomer Alberto Caballero. Alberto has introduced two assumptions. The first - he assumed that the source of the signal is an exoplanet-like ground. This planet, like the Earth, turns around a sun-like star. The second assumption is derived from the Drake equation. According to it, the planet is located no closer than 500 light-years from the sun.

To compile a list of hypothetical signal sources, the astronomer turned to the database of the telescope Gaia. The data contained information about the properties and position of the stars of the Milky Way. He selected 66 stars of type G and K, which were located in two areas in the constellation Sagittarius. Caballero searched for stars with a radius of 0.83 to 1.15 radius of the Sun. It turned out that only one star was suitable for these criteria.

Another 14 sun-like stars with calculated temperatures from 5730 to 5830 K are also located in the region from which the signal came. But the information about their luminosity and radius is not enough for searching.

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