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Sony has warned Japanese authorities about a possible withdrawal from the country

Japanese e-corporation Sony faces serious problems in purchasing renewable energy in Japan.

Given the requirements of its partners, it is forced to purchase this energy, which is limited in volume in Japan, for its production at high prices. As a result, the company has warned the Japanese government about plans to move its production to other countries if the situation with renewable energy in Japan does not change for the better. This was announced by the Financial Times.

The publication notes that major technology companies around the world, including Apple and Facebook, are shifting their supply channels to 100% renewable energy. To study the regulatory requirements that do not allow the introduction of renewable energy at the proper level, a special government group was established in Japan. It has determined that by 2030, the country's new energy use will reach 24%, compared to 17% in 2018, which will still be significantly lower than the volume produced in many countries in Europe.

Sony's plan is to convert its production to new energy by 2040. The Japanese company's production facilities, located in Europe, are already supplied with renewable energy.

In China, Sony plans to switch to them in March, and in North America — by 2030. Its production of image sensors for Apple in Japan remains a challenge.

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