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Hungary and Poland want to change the mechanism for linking the EU budget to the rule of law

Hungary and Poland are jointly striving to settle the issues around the agreement of the economic recovery fund and the budget of the European Union so that financial resources become available to all states of the community as soon as possible. This is stated in a joint statement by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, which was disseminated by the Hungarian government's information portal on Thursday following bilateral talks in Budapest.

“The outcome of the negotiations between the President of the Council and the European Parliament does not correspond to the agreement reached between the heads of state and government at the meeting of the European Council in July. Our goal is to prevent a mechanism that will not strengthen, but undermine the rule of law in the union, turning it into a political instrument. The condition circumvents the agreement, applies vague wording and vague conditions without clear criteria that can serve as a basis for sanctions and do not contain weighty procedural guarantees, “the Hungarian and Polish prime ministers said in a statement.

As noted, Hungary and Poland act on the basis of solidarity with each other. “We are ready to contribute to the solution of the current situation. We believe that this requires a significant change in the currently proposed mechanism,” the prime ministers of the two countries stressed. In this regard, Budapest and Warsaw, in order to facilitate the procedure for adopting the EU budget, proposed to establish a two-pronged process: first, to limit the possibilities of additional budgetary conditions to the protection of the EU financial interests in accordance with the July conclusions of the European Council, and then to discuss in the European Council whether to establish a link between the rule of law and the financial interests of the EU, the statement says.

Hungary and Poland in November blocked the approval of a new EU budget plan, protesting against the decision to create from 2021 a mechanism for monitoring compliance with the principles of the rule of law in the countries of the community, taking into account the results of which budget allocations from Brussels will be distributed. The situation is aggravated by the fact that both countries at the EU summit in July agreed in principle to include this mechanism in the EU budget plan.

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