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A new type of person was born in China

The first representative of the new human race is already walking on Earth. Nong Yusui lives in southern China and looks at the world with piercing blue eyes with a neon hue. They glow like a cat and allow a new person to see in the dark.

At the first examination of the doctors, Nong got in early childhood. My father was worried about the color of his eyes — in China, the blue shade of the iris is almost never found. At that time, the ophthalmologists shrugged, no pathology was found.

But a year later, a more thorough study showed that in the eyes of Nong there is a tapetum. This is a special type of cell responsible for vision in the dark. Most wild animals have it, but it was found in humans for the first time.

The Yusui feature does not cause any problems. Does he prefer to study in the dark, in the dim light of a night lamp.

Biologists claim that a mutation cannot affect the genes of an individual personality in this way. Most likely, night vision will appear more often among new generations of residents of the native province of “Star Boy”.

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