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Biden: the US will challenge opponents and become a world leader again

The administration of the new President of the United States, Joe Biden, will challenge the adversaries of the United States and intend to make America a world leader again.

Biden said this when presenting candidates for key positions in his administration.

According to the President-elect, the United States will no longer shy away from firmly upholding its values.

“America is ready to challenge our adversaries and will not reject our traditional allies ... America is back. We will lead the world, not leave it ... we will defend our values,” the president-elect said.

Biden, in particular, introduced the team that will be responsible for foreign policy and national security — Tony Blinken, previously announced by him for the post of Secretary of State, and Jake Sullivan as the president's national security adviser.

Biden is confident that Blinken in his new post will restore the lost confidence in the foreign policy department.

“When it comes to our national security and foreign policy, we cannot waste time — I need a team that is ready to start from day one,” he stressed.

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