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Android 12 innovation that will delight many users ...

No matter how much the older generation would like to change the situation, now emoji has already become a ubiquitous means of communication. Google has decided to take a step in this area that will accelerate the process of new emoji appearing on users' devices.

Usually, when the non-profit organization Unicode Consortium approves the next portion of emojis, it takes at least several months before users can see this emoji on their devices — developers of modern platforms, most often, add them to the next major OS release.

The enthusiasts of the mobile developer community XDA Developers have found that Google may abandon the practice of tying the launch of new emoji to the release of Android system updates. This follows from the “evidence” found in the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) project.

This split could happen with the release of Android 12 in 2021, which will make it faster and easier to release new emoji sets once the Unicode Consortium approves them. It may not be a huge innovation, but it will definitely delight many users.

In the fall, the consortium had to make an “interim” release of Emoji 13.1 due to the coronavirus epidemic, and the traditional annual release of Unicode 14.0 was postponed by six months — from March to September 2021. This means that major platforms will not start using Unicode 14.0 until the end of 2021, but most likely in the first half of 2022. In order not to leave users completely without new emoji in 2021, a small update to Emoji 13.1 was created.

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