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How will Europe's defense policy be structured?

Paris and Berlin are arguing about the direction in which Europe's security policy should be built. Both states are counting on the fact that under Joe Biden, America is unlikely to become much more active in the international arena than it was before. However, while Macron intends to invest in a sovereign Europe that could defend itself without NATO or US assistance, German Defense Minister Kramp-Karrenbauer believes that the desire for European autonomy in this sector is a pure illusion.

Both countries want the same thing

The Badische Zeitung believes that the positions of France and Germany are not so far from each other:

“Macron — as well as the federal government — is demanding that Europe take on greater responsibility for its own security. After all, even under Joe Biden, one should not expect the United States to pay as much attention to Europe as it did in previous decades. In her keynote speech, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer does not support Macron's dreams of a Europe completely militarily independent of the United States and objects to him, stating that Europe cannot defend itself without America's nuclear and conventional capabilities. However, the German Defense Minister said something else: “Only if we ourselves take our own security seriously will America do the same.” Macron can subscribe to this statement. Therefore, Germany and France should work together to strengthen Europe, instead of arguing over the more than the distant goal of full strategic autonomy.”

Do not leave the strategy at the mercy of Berlin and Paris!

Countries such as Lithuania should today participate in the discussion about the future position of Europe on the issue of ensuring security, — political scientist Linas Koyala expresses this opinion on the pages of Lrt:

“The two largest states in Europe do not yet have a strategy, but they set out to develop one. ... As a result, either Europe will become independent — without the United States, or it will remain dependent on America for security. ... Lithuania sees the United States as an inalienable guarantor of security, therefore it is so important to determine the direction in which Europe decides to move. And we are not allowed to sit on the bench during this debate — after all, decisive changes arise precisely at the stage of developing ideas and conducting discussions.”

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