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Trump administration poised to begin handing over power to Biden

The United States General Services Administration (GSA) informed President-elect Joe Biden that the Donald Trump administration is ready to begin a formal transition process.

This is stated in a letter from the head of GSA Emily Murphy, reports CNN.

The publication notes that this letter is the first step of the administration of the incumbent president towards the official recognition of his defeat in the elections.

So far, Murphy, who is Trump's political appointee, has refused to begin the transition process, despite Biden's clear victory. But in recent days, the head of the GSA has faced pressure from both Democrats and Republicans to begin a smooth transition.

“I have never been directly or indirectly pressured by any executive officer, including those working in the White House or GSA, regarding the content or timing of my decision. Simply put, I have not received any direction to postpone (process transition of power) “- said Murphy.

US officials will now be able to coordinate with Biden's new team and budget funds to fund the transition.

President Donald Trump has already reacted to Murphy's letter by thanking her on Twitter for her work and confirming her decision to begin the transition.

“In the interest of our country, I recommend Emily (Murphy) and her team do what needs to be done and asked my team to do the same,” Trump wrote.

At the same time, he still does not admit his defeat in the elections.

“Our business continues, we will continue to fight, and I believe that we will win!” — also wrote the current president.

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